Bristol Krav Maga classes Will Get You Proficient in Self Defence in The Shortest Space of Time!


The British Krav Maga Organisations Bristol School will help you to:-

. Acquire Vital Self defence Skills

. Gain unstoppable confidence

. Train in a supportive friendly environment

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Welcome to the British Krav Maga Organisation.

B.K.M.O is a Brand New Approach to Krav Maga. Our Krav Maga Programs are the program of choice for professional and civilians alike, tipping the scales to help us grow quickly throughout the UK and Europe

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The British Krav Maga Organisation is an association of affiliated schools that will stretch across Europe. Each trainer will be vetted, approved and trained by the B.K.M.O in teaching an authentic Krav Maga syllabus that adheres totally to the rules of Krav Maga as was taught by its founder.

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Door Supervision, Security and Response Team Training

Door supervisors are subjected to the threat of violence on a day to day basis. Door supervisors are facing more of an urban threat than any security service including the military. B.K.M.O trainers are able to provide SIA required training for security staff as well as advanced skills to deal with violent behavior and keep staff safe.
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So What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a close combat system or Syllabus in use by hundreds of law enforcement and military agencies worldwide. Evolved, tested and proven to get non trained military recruits to capable combatants in the shortest time possible and still keep a quality of skill level. A Krav Maga syllabus is simple to learn, robust under pressure, and without a doubt effective in the defence and protection of life.

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